Breeding Babydoll Sheep in Australia

Hillgrove Babydoll Southdown Sheep in Australia

The Babydoll Sheep Association of Australia Inc (BSAA)

The Babydoll Sheep Association of Australia (BSAA) consists of a group of breeders of Babydoll Southdown sheep in Australia. The Association was established in 2017, after concerns were raised that Babydolls genetics were in danger of being permanently lost due to so many being crossed with Modern Southdowns and other breeds of sheep.

Statement of Purpose of the BSAA Inc

  1. To protect the heritage and preserve the future of the  Babydoll Southdown sheep in Australia
  2. To encourage and promote the ownership and breeding of the Babydoll Southdown sheep
  3. To establish network of communication for owners and breeders of Babydoll Southdown sheep
  4. To develop and maintain the Breed Standard and Showing Guidelines

Members of the BSAA are entitled to be kept up-to-date with current happenings, have a say in the future of Babydolls in Australia, membership of the BSAA Facebook page and free advertising on the BSAA website.

 For more information about the BSAA including information on how to join, click on the link below.