Notable Hillgrove Sires

The following rams are a selection of Hillgrove sires which we have used over the past few years.  Unfortunately we don't have photos of earlier Hillgrove rams. If you have any photos of Hillgrove rams  or know where some might be available, we would love to hear from you.


This is Hillgrove 70/2011. His name is James and he was a magnificent Babydoll ram.  He sired a number of our Babydolls before we purchased the Hillgrove Stud and we really were impressed with the lambs.  James had a lovely temperament and was a typical Babydoll ram, being of short statue, very solid and short neck and legs.


This is Hillgrove 30/2012 and his name is 'Purple' because he has a purple tag.  This is the only photo I have of Purple when he was a younger ram.  He is a beautiful Babydoll ram, with a very short neck, short legs and not too long in the body.  

Purple is now retired and lives in the retired ram paddock. He loves to eat pellets and chopped up fruit and vegetables each day along with hay.


This is Hillgrove 33/2013 and we call him "Floppy' because one of his ears flops over due to the placement of the ear tag.

Floppy is now a very. old ram but still fit and healthy in the retired ram paddock

Floppy shows very strong Babydoll characteristics, being very short with short legs and neck. He is very solid and not long in the body.  

In the photo his wool appears to be broken, but it's grown back now.


This is Hillgrove  and his name is Shane. Shane was sold to another Babydoll breeder.  Shane is a lovely ram with a very placid temperament.  He has strong Babydoll conformation and was a very solid and stocky ram.

This is the only photo. I have of Shane.



This is Hillgrove 10/2017 and his name is Teddy due to his gorgeous face which looks just like a teddy bear..  Teddy is a great ram, very respectful and quiet in nature.  Teddy has sired some lovely rams and was sold recently to another Babydoll stud.


This is Hillgrove 1/2017 and his name is TIm.  Tim was used as the model of a Babydoll for the ASSBA Flock Book.  

Tim was used for one year in the Hillgrove stud and then unfortunately he unexpectedly passed away..  We were most upset when this happened.


This is Sam, Hillgrove 30/2017.  His sire is Hillgrove 70/2011, James. Sam is a lovely ram with a beautiful temperament. He is very gentle and loves having a scratch.  

Sam was a valuable sire in our stud for a few years and then was sold to another Babydoll breeder. 


This is Lucus; Hillgrove 20/2017 and Lucus is still being used in the Hillgrove stud.

He is small with a great temperament and loves his pellets.  Every time he hears the motor bike he comes running for pellets and so is valuable when we need to take all the rams to the yards as the other rams follow him.  


This is Hillgrove 14/2018 and we call him Phillip.  The photo is terrible as its impossible to take. a good photo of Phillip. He continually puts his head down and turns his body to face the camera and as a result, all his photos look dreadful!

Phillip is a magnificent Babydoll ram and shows excellent conformation and build.  He has been used in our ET and AI program and he was used as the sire for Babydoll embryos sent to Sweden.  

Phillip has been sold to another Babydoll stud.


This is Hillgrove 12/2018, and we call him Barney.  Barney was one of our best rams and was used in our ET and AI program.  He has wonderful Babydoll confirmation and meets the ASSBA breed standard easily.

Barney was sold to another Babydoll stud.


This is George, Hillgrove Babydoll 22/2018. He is a great Babydoll ram, very gentle and easy to work with in the yards. 

He shows lovely Babydoll confirmation and build but is a bit taller than we would like for our stud. He has sired a number of our Babydoll lambs and has now been sold to another Babydoll stud.


This is Hillgrove 3/2018 and his name is Nelson. Nelson is a quiet ram and is always at the back of the ram pack. He generally ambles along when being moved but does get to his destination eventually, unless he finds a nice shady tree to rest under.

Nelson has excellent Babydoll confirmation, being very solid with great width across his rump.  


This is Seb, Hillgrove 8/2018.  Seb is a lovely Babydoll ram with a great temperament.  He is a bit shy but has been no trouble at all and has lovely Babydoll conformation and build.  He has sired a number of our lambs and has been retained in our stud for another twelve months.


This is Hillgrove 33/19 and his name is Henry.  Henry is an excellent Babydoll ram but he will not stand still for his photo and continually walks towards the camera.  As a result its very hard to take a photo which shows him properly.  

Henry is one of our smallest rams and his sire is Sam and like Sam, has a very friendly nature and loves to come for pellets. He loves to have a scratch but we are wary of making him too friendly because we don't want our rams to become too familiar with us.  

Henry was used for the first time in our stud n 2021 and is now a proven sire.